Blackberry Widgets are only working on Blackberry OS 5 and newer. If you are still running BB OS4 please upgrade. To check supported devices please follow this link.

tested devices:
I tested my widgets with a Blackberry 9900 or Playbook. If you encounter some problems please contact me.

blog entries (in German):
2012-10-03 --> Blackberry BB10 Webworks SDK with Linux
2012-09-29 --> BB10 on Blackberry Playbook
2012-07-28 --> London 2012 Olympics Medal Count application. Source: download
2011-11-24 --> webworks push application
2011-10-22 --> mount Blackberry Playbook in Linux
2011-10-18 --> simple xml parser
2010-07-02 --> template for update notification. Download
2010-06-20 --> template for about page. Download

2010-06-18 --> published rss parser for javascript that is used in wmlive application
2010-06-16 --> added wmlive
2010-05-20 --> uploaded first version of wadoku online and frupic uploader
2010-04-30 --> creating space for wadoku online
2010-04-00 --> created page

Project: wmlive
WMLive brings you the latest goals and result of the Soccer World Cup 2010 as notification to your Blackberry (pull).

Screenshots: Picture 1, Picture 2
OTAInstall: wmlive.jad
Sources: rss parser

Project: wadoku online
Wadoku Online is a small Blackberry widget that provides a minimum interface to access the mobile page of

Screenshots: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3
OTAInstall: wadokuonline.jad
Forum: wadoku forum entry
Sources: link

Project: frupic uploader
simple uploader for the picture service frupic

Screenshots: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4
OTAInstall: frupic.jad
Sources: not yet